Thursday, 5 August 2010

I'm finding it difficult to place myself at the minute. Life isn't going badly but it's been a lot, lot better. I have 'one of those days' or 'one of those moods' frequently and it's all down to various things. Just over a month ago I finished high school for good. Being part of an all girls school made everyone particularly close and I really feel at a loss knowing that I won't be spending anymore time there. Luckily, the majority of my friendship group and many others from my year are going to the same college as I am so there's a lot of people I'll still be in touch with.
Seeing my friends has been difficult because apart from everyone living in different parts of the city, we're all always busy or away. It's been hard, I'm not going to lie, but we've tried our best to keep in touch. Another friend of mine, who I met at a place where I work, has been keeping me company by inviting me round, taking me for drives and to the pub. But over the last few days he's been acting a bit strange. I know something's the matter but he just doesn't want to tell me what it is which is making me worried for a number of reasons. It's really hard going from being joint at the hip to barely talking in a matter of days. This makes feel like I'm going to Mexico at just the right time. I go this Sunday morning for 2 weeks with a group of friends. He's also going to Barcelona for a week to celebrate his 21st birthday so hopefully by the time we are back in England (which is around the same day) everything will have blown over and things will be back to normal.
My dad has been off work this past week and we've been going out a lot which has taken my mind off things a little. It's also my best friend, Amy, 16th today and we're going out for a meal tonight and Beth is having a get together at her house tomorrow night. I really can't wait to see everyone!

So as you can tell, my mind is a bit if a jungle of thoughts at the minute but I guess only time and patience can sort it out.


Anonymous said...

your sharing of thoughts is loveable

Anonymous said...

it's cool to read something real and non specific about details of a person. just a teenager i can relate to the timing of things, leaving school and such. I hate when people say the cliche quote of 'there's a reason people from your past don't make it to your future' and the people you're meant to stay in touch with you will.. I don't think it's as simple as that. And when you lose touch with people you miss them.

Polly said...

As the previous comments have said, it is really nice to read about another normal teenager going through sort of the same problems as me. I know that I'm a bit younger than you but I can really relate to your blog. Thanks and I wish you the best xx

Anonymous said...

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RL said...

Such an adorable blog.
xo R