Friday, 23 July 2010


I few of you have been suggesting I get back to blogging. I may post here now and again but I now have a photo and note blog here so feel free to follow me there.

Thank-you for all the comments particularly on my last post (30 Secrets: Number 3). In news about that, I told him how I felt and we tried it out for a while but we just couldn't see ourselves in a relationship together. We are still best friends and we're both with other people now :) Thanks for your advice, encouragement and support regarding the situation. It really was appreciated.

I hope you'll check out my other blog and I will hopefully post here again soon!
Oh, and thnak-you to all that follow this blog!

Lots of love.


Emma said...

so glad that your relationship trial didnt ruin your friendship. and now you both shall rest easy never wondering 'what if' again. :)

blog again soon :)
luv ur friendly australian follower...

anthony said...

A great way to organized what you find & shares in your blog...

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