Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I can't believe it's been over a year since a last posted on here (it really doesn't seem that long!). Anyways, I'd thought I'd get back to it because over the last couple of months there seems to have been a lot of people coming here and there's nothing to look at!

Okay, okay where can I start?
Well last week was quite exciting as I went to two concerts, both of completely different genres!

On Monday I went to Manchester Academy to see Owl City! I'm not that in to him, I only know about 2 of his songs! But I went anyway because I just love concerts :] IT WAS AWESOME!!! The music is so much better live :] After jumping around for a while these guys next to us were like 'Wanna go crowd surfing?' so we all did :] and it was awesomeeeeee.

That's Beth crowd surfing. And that guy with the black top lifted you down fireman style when you got to the front. He was like some gripper or something. Nice guy though! I would put a picture of me up but I had a short skirt on and you could literally see my ass haha! Feel sorry for the people under me!

Then on Friday we went to see Chipmunk! Pretty good! Except it was all hand bobbing shizz from wannabe gangsters as the supports o_0 but Chipmunk was very good :]

There he is! He's a cutie ^_^ and that's how close we were! No zoom! I know, amazinggg. He started crying in the middle of one his songs, bless him. It was about how he went into a state of depression when he was younger because no-one wanted to accept his music. Awww.

The sun was shining and warm today! First time this year. Lovesssss :]]]


Anonymous said...

Aw. I love owl city...
I'm jealous.

Imani said...

He is cute, but is he an artist from Europe?! Because I've never heard of him.

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Anonymous said...

OmW :) you got to see chipmunk ??
wow i am so jello.
He is soo cute !!

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Anonymous said...

Chimpunk is HOT!!

red said...

Hi Big city girl,

awesome posts especially on chipmunk i hear he's quite sensitive with his music.I love your blog it's really personal, i'm being a blog whore at the moment adding all the blogs i think are mega cool, i'm gonna add you to my list and i hope you add me toyour blogroll too.


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Anyway love your blog.
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