Sunday, 2 January 2011


Hi everyone! Massive apologies for not updating on here for so long but I mainly use Tumblr now which you can check out here! Follow me if you too have Tumblr and I'll follow you back!

I've also started Project 365, which I am posting on Tumblr, but also in a new Blogspot blog HERE where I am documenting my year with a photo everyday!

Finally, a big thank-you for all the comments. Despite me not posting I read them all so thankyou! Thanks also to those following!

Love love


Monday, 30 August 2010

I miss my friends and school and the Lakes and my big brothers and the old times.
Once this summer is over though I'll be able to get things back on track and actually feel like I'm doing something with my time.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Things are definitely a lot better than when I last posted! I returned home from Mexico last night after a fantastic fortnight away. The experience was amazing and I even made some friends from Mexico, Canada and Suriname!I really missed home and cried my eyes out when my mum and sister met me at the airport last night! While away I received a text which I was very surprised by. It was from my friend who I mentioned in my last post (I'll refer to him as R). "Hello to Mexico from Spain!" so as you can imagine I was extremely relieved and happy to receive it. Since coming home we've talked non-stop and he even invited me round last night as soon as I was home! I was right about everything clearing up :)
Today was my GCSE results day and I was incredibly nervous but I managed (by some miracle!) to achieve 3 A*, 2 A, 2 B and 3 C which means I can go to the college of my choice. I'm so happy and surprised by my results as I never imagined I would have done that well. And I'm writing this post from my new laptop which my parents gave me as a reward for my hard work :) Going back into school was a little bit sad and although I'm excited to go to college I still wish I was going back to high school in a couple of weeks.
So everything is great at the moment. I'm back home, all my worries have been cleared and I'm looking forward to my next steps in life. Things couldn't get better!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

I'm finding it difficult to place myself at the minute. Life isn't going badly but it's been a lot, lot better. I have 'one of those days' or 'one of those moods' frequently and it's all down to various things. Just over a month ago I finished high school for good. Being part of an all girls school made everyone particularly close and I really feel at a loss knowing that I won't be spending anymore time there. Luckily, the majority of my friendship group and many others from my year are going to the same college as I am so there's a lot of people I'll still be in touch with.
Seeing my friends has been difficult because apart from everyone living in different parts of the city, we're all always busy or away. It's been hard, I'm not going to lie, but we've tried our best to keep in touch. Another friend of mine, who I met at a place where I work, has been keeping me company by inviting me round, taking me for drives and to the pub. But over the last few days he's been acting a bit strange. I know something's the matter but he just doesn't want to tell me what it is which is making me worried for a number of reasons. It's really hard going from being joint at the hip to barely talking in a matter of days. This makes feel like I'm going to Mexico at just the right time. I go this Sunday morning for 2 weeks with a group of friends. He's also going to Barcelona for a week to celebrate his 21st birthday so hopefully by the time we are back in England (which is around the same day) everything will have blown over and things will be back to normal.
My dad has been off work this past week and we've been going out a lot which has taken my mind off things a little. It's also my best friend, Amy, 16th today and we're going out for a meal tonight and Beth is having a get together at her house tomorrow night. I really can't wait to see everyone!

So as you can tell, my mind is a bit if a jungle of thoughts at the minute but I guess only time and patience can sort it out.

Friday, 23 July 2010


I few of you have been suggesting I get back to blogging. I may post here now and again but I now have a photo and note blog here so feel free to follow me there.

Thank-you for all the comments particularly on my last post (30 Secrets: Number 3). In news about that, I told him how I felt and we tried it out for a while but we just couldn't see ourselves in a relationship together. We are still best friends and we're both with other people now :) Thanks for your advice, encouragement and support regarding the situation. It really was appreciated.

I hope you'll check out my other blog and I will hopefully post here again soon!
Oh, and thnak-you to all that follow this blog!

Lots of love.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

I guess it could qualify so . . . 30 Secrets: Number 3

If I tell you how much you mean to me or how much I love you, I'll never get a chance to finish.
Secret number three: I think I've fallen for my best friend. I've been best friends with him for 11 years. About 5 years ago my family moved across the road from his. Since then I go round to his house everyday without fail, I practically live there! I tell him everything and he tells me everything. When I'm round we often cuddle or play fight and we frequently get mistaken for being a couple. I know he likes me and he told another friend that he thinks he may love me. He's very protective and he got dangerously drunk one time because I hooked up with another guy at a party we were both at. I think I like him also but I don't know whether to tell him because I'm absolutely terrified of losing the friendship. He means more to me than anything in this world and I wouldn't know what to do with myself if we weren't friends.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

30 Secrets: Number 2

Rule Britannia

Yes, that means I took the picture myself.
Secret number two: I am extremely proud to be British. Great Britain has achieved so much for a tiny, rainy island. A tiny, rainy island that is truly beautiful.

[Yeah, sorry for the lack of posts. I'll get back to it. Promise!]

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Keep on keeping on

I hate Thursday.

Thursday drags on for eternity;
Thursday has the timetable of death;
Thursday dangles the weekend in front of you, but you can't quite reach it yet.

Emily and Amy were off ill today (get well soon sweethearts) which is a shame because the sun was shining (for the first time since before Christmas!) so we sat outside on our breaks. Summer is almost here :]

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

30 Secrets: Number one.

Lived in a bubble, days were never ending

Yes, that means I took the picture myself.

Secret number one: It's fading, only at the edges but I can see it happening. A part of me says "give up", another wants these days back.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I can't believe it's been over a year since a last posted on here (it really doesn't seem that long!). Anyways, I'd thought I'd get back to it because over the last couple of months there seems to have been a lot of people coming here and there's nothing to look at!

Okay, okay where can I start?
Well last week was quite exciting as I went to two concerts, both of completely different genres!

On Monday I went to Manchester Academy to see Owl City! I'm not that in to him, I only know about 2 of his songs! But I went anyway because I just love concerts :] IT WAS AWESOME!!! The music is so much better live :] After jumping around for a while these guys next to us were like 'Wanna go crowd surfing?' so we all did :] and it was awesomeeeeee.

That's Beth crowd surfing. And that guy with the black top lifted you down fireman style when you got to the front. He was like some gripper or something. Nice guy though! I would put a picture of me up but I had a short skirt on and you could literally see my ass haha! Feel sorry for the people under me!

Then on Friday we went to see Chipmunk! Pretty good! Except it was all hand bobbing shizz from wannabe gangsters as the supports o_0 but Chipmunk was very good :]

There he is! He's a cutie ^_^ and that's how close we were! No zoom! I know, amazinggg. He started crying in the middle of one his songs, bless him. It was about how he went into a state of depression when he was younger because no-one wanted to accept his music. Awww.

The sun was shining and warm today! First time this year. Lovesssss :]]]